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Immersion Camp Or Private Lesson Program…Which One Should I Choose?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions in a Consultation and the answer is going to depend greatly on the individual client.  Your lifestyle and daily routine should play heavily into your decision but there are a couple of questions that you also need to ask yourself.  It’s crucial that you are brutally honest when you answer them because lying can not only put yourself in danger but others as well.  The following are the 2 questions I pose to my clientele.  Generally speaking, if the answer is “no” to either question, you should probably opt for an Immersion Camp.

1. Can I safely create and control training scenarios that will cause my dog to display the negative behaviors that caused me to seek out a professional trainer to begin with?

In almost every case, in order to train a dog to behave, you need to see the negative behaviors displayed.  The average pet owner will have quite a bit of difficulty creating and controlling a scenario that brings out the worst in their dog.  If a dog is reactive to other dogs, for example, the average pet owner doesn’t have access to multiple dogs that can be used for training.  Additionally, there’s also a gentle balance that needs to be maintained in order for the training to be effective.  It’s more than just putting your dog in a situation that makes him or her bark, it’s also about maintaining a steady progression that’s right for the dog in question so that they aren’t overwhlemed.

2. Can I physically control my dog when they are displaying the aforementioned negative behaviors?

We’re not talking about gender bias here, it is a very simple question.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female, can you physically handle your dog when they are not behaving?  If you weigh 110 lbs. soaking wet and you have a dog aggressive Mastiff that weighs 125 lbs., let’s face facts…you will probably have a hard time physically controlling your dog during the training process.  Again, this presents a significant risk to yourself and others.

Choosing the right type of program is very important and there are a number of factors that need to weighed when making your decision.  However, we feel that safety is paramount and should be considered a priority when selecting any type of activity (including training) for your dog.  We wish you the best of luck in reaching your training goals with your 4-legged friends.  If you need assistance in doing so, don’t hesitate to schedule a FREE Consultation with us by clicking on “Schedule An Appointment” button on our home page!

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